CS 1st Anniversary

A year ago we made the announcement of the start of this project, although these twelve months have been anything but simple, we are very proud of the organization and each of those who have worked with us have all contributed to make Chosen Squad what it is at this point.

We know we have made mistakes, decisions that not everyone could agree, but always have been looking for the good of the team. Being such a young organization we are sure that this is just the beginning and we can go far.

Really thank you very much to all who have been part of the organization, those who support in good times and bad, those who criticize us and want to see us fall, we hope to continue doing things right.

We share a list of the achievements of the most active divisions this year, Halo and Smash. Next year we hope to increase this list incorporating divisions like League of Legends and Pokémon CS S3lioh CS Rinnegan CS Decogre
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